Plant And Facilities
Plant And Facilities
Production Equipment
  • PVC pelleting equipment
  • VCV Production Line
  • EHV production line
  • Germany SKET frame-type strander
  • Steel wire armour equipment
  • Armouring machine
  • Frame type strander
  • Disc type stranding machine
  • Buncher
  • Outer Sheath Production Line
  • Argon arc weld tube production line
  • Oxy arc welding

Testing Equipment
  • DRMS-T type conductor resistance on-line test system
  • JQB-II type crosslink cable slicing machine
  • JYY-II accurate constant temperture oil bath
  • RWDX-I type heat stability tester
  • EHV partial discharge equipment
  • Group burning tester
  • Low temperture test chamber
  • High precision aging test chamber
  • Constant temperature water bath
  • Dielectric strength tester
  • German MAXx Direct-reading Spectrograph
  • Metallography Analyzer